Signs Substance Addiction Treatment is Needed

There are many signs that start to show themselves in a loud and clear manner. At an addiction recovery center, they have programs or sessions where they teach people to spot certain signs that cry out for help. These may include:

  1. A Person Shuns His or Her Friendships – This is the first sign that a person is having a problem and needs a listening ear. We all err in our approach and most of the times have no time to listen to what one has to say. This behavior is what prompts many to seek out things like alcohol and drugs to escape from their mundane lives. When a person shuns his or her friends, this is usually because that person does not want to be seen doing the sort of things that one does and it is good to note this.
  2. A Person Seeks More Privacy Than Before – We all need some time once in a while but if an individual loves being alone most of the time then the person is crying out for attention. Youths are the people one should be looking out for and their rooms should be investigated on a weekly basis. Though this intrudes with what they believe in, one is just watching out for the interests of the ones who matter most.
  3. Signs That An Addiction Recovery Program Is Needed

  4. A Person Starts Acting Out For No Apparent Reason – This is another sign that something somewhere is wrong and that the person has something he or she is hiding from the other members of his or her family. Acting out is a normal way of getting a point across but there are certain signs that spell out doom. For them an addiction recovery program may be in order.
  5. A Person Appears Guilty and Has Many Instances of Lying – this is especially common in teens and the ones in their mid-life. This is a behavior that says a lot about an individual and should be observed and noted. It is rather heartbreaking to see and note that one’s loved one is lying about trivial things and has picked up the habit of stealing and shunning responsibilities given to all members of the family.

A person foregoes activities once loved another tell-tale sign that all is not well. Activities keep a person healthy and happy. If one misses a few activities do not be harsh in concluding that the person has a substance addiction problem, it could be that the person is just unwell. Missing such activities on a regular basis is what should be looked out for, for then a person has no reason to skip the said activities that were once their soul mates.

There are also other signs that should be keenly observed and their findings talked over by a friend or doctor that one knows and trusts. The only way to get the person to understand that one is on their side is by being honest with them and letting them know that you are with them all the way. Then there is a better chance they will sign up for an addiction recovery program. Never leave a person while under the control of the substances, one never knows how they may react.

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